What are adjectives?

What is an Adjective? Grammar Review

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English Grammar Review

What is an Adjective? Grammar Review

An adjective is one of “The Eight Parts” of the English language. An adjective gives information about nouns, pronouns and feelings. Adjectives help describe everything from size to temperature. From big to small. All about happy and sad. Adjectives also help create many adverbs. Many adverbs and adjectives have the same spelling. Adjectives are also referred to as modifiers.


Adjectives are in bold type.

Q: Are you a happy person? A: I think so. I am always cheerful.

Q: Is it hot in the summer where you live? A: Yes, very warm!

Q: Are you riding the red bus today? A: No, I am taking the yellow cab!

More adjective examples.

Q: Isn’t it beautiful outside? A: Yes, the sky is so blue today!

Q: Is London often cold? A: Yes but, sometimes it is warm.

Q: Is she married to a nice man? A: Yes, and he is handsome too.

Vocabulary Bank

Adjective: Describes nouns, pronouns and feelings.

Temperature: How hot or cold is it?

Modifier: A word that changes the meaning of another word.

Cheerful: Very, very happy or outgoing.

Visit What is an Adjective? Grammar Review PDF Version

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