What are interjections?

What is a Interjection? Grammar Review

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English Grammar Review

What is an Interjection? Grammar Review

An Interjection is one of “The Eight Parts” of the English language. An “Interjection” is a word or words that expresses emotion, excitement or feelings. Interjections stand alone. Nearly all English words can be used as an interjection. They are used commonly in spoken, casual and informal English. Interjections can express positive, neutral and negative thoughts. A few examples are below.


Interjections are in bold type.

Yikes! There’s a spider on my foot!

You prepared dinner all by yourself? Wow!

Ouch! That bee just stung me!

You finally graduated from University! Congrats!

Oh dear! I don’t know how to solve this problem!

She spoke Yiddish all day! Cool!

Fantastic! It is such a beautiful day today!

Vocabulary Bank

Interjection: Shares emotion, excitement or feelings.

Casual: Opposite of formal.

Neutral: Somewhere in the middle.

Congrats: Short for congratulations.

Yiddish: A language with rich expressions.

Visit What is an Interjection? Grammar Review PDF Version

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