What are pronouns?

What is a Pronoun? Grammar Review

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English Grammar Review

What is a Pronoun? Grammar Review

A Pronoun is one of “The Eight Parts” of the English language. A pronoun replaces a noun or noun phrase. We use pronouns so as not to repeat a noun again and again. Most pronouns are short words. There are nine different types of pronouns. Some of the most common pronouns are “He, she, it, I, you, we, they”. Pronouns can function with a direct object or indirect objects.


Pronouns are in bold type.

Q: Is that yours? A: Yes, I just bought it a few days ago.

Q: Why are they running down the street? A: They need to catch the bus!

Q: Do you want to buy a pair of jeans at the shop? A: Yes, let’s walk to it!

Here are more examples of Pronouns.

Q: What is his name? A: His name is Bob.

Q: Do you live in London? A: Yes, I do.

Q: Who is he married to? A: He is married to Sally.

Vocabulary Bank

Pronoun: A word that replaces a noun.

Function: To function, is how something works or operates.

Common: Something there is many of.

Catch: To get on the bus before it leaves.

Married: When two people agree to stay together forever.

Visit What is a Pronoun? Grammar Review PDF Version

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