10 Phrases for Drinking (Alcohol)

1. It’s on me.
(= I’ll buy you a drink)
2. I’d like to make a toast.
(= I’d like to honor a person/event/idea)
3. Here’s to… (your health / the New Year / our success)!
4. Another round of drinks, please.
5. Put it on my tab.
(tab = bill to pay later, before you leave)
6. He’s a bit tipsy.
(= a little bit drunk)
7. He’s completely sloshed/wasted/plastered.
(= completely drunk)
8. She’s trying to drown her sorrows.
(= drinking alcohol for relief from pain/sadness)
9. I’m the designated driver.
(= I’m not drinking alcohol because I will drive other people home later)
10. I had a hangover. / I was hung over.
(= the bad feeling you have the morning after drinking too much)

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