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Be Your Own Boss!Start your very own Private Language School in Ukraine. Capitalize on the renewed interest in the language of the world: English. Larisa School of Language headquartered in Nikolaev Ukraine can provide you with tried and proven methods. Building a solid business plan along with training and ongoing support.

Our time proven methodologies are much different than the average language school in Ukraine. Our business model was created for long term success. Multiple revenue streams, a wide variety of programs offered, a learning website, an international client base, educational content creation and more, are a few of the reasons for our success.

SuccessWe can help you create a successful private language school too! Bill and Larisa Green are prepared to walk you through the step by step process to create a language school of your own. Nikolaev is the ninth largest city in Ukraine. There are many cities within Ukraine ready for a professional and unique language school.
Once you have completed your initial training, it’s possible to have your own language school up and running in 120 days or sooner! While we provide training and time proven methodologies, you will be the one who takes control of your new business once you feel you are ready.

Once your school has begun operations, we offer ongoing support and teacher training. Websites, content creation, social communities and free alternate websites are all part of our support program. Once your websites are up and running, we provide marketing services to promote and build your student base and keep them coming back when there is a need.
EducationLarisaWeb Services was created out of the need for honest Internet products and services. LarisaWeb Services has been providing marketing assistance to many companies since 2010. Content Management, SEO and ongoing marketing are all part of what we do at LarisaWeb Services.

Larisa School of Language offers students a totally unique way to learn and speak English. Larisa English is the most popular private language school in Nikolaev. How did we do it? It’s not what you might think. Most teaching methodologies and facilities in Ukraine are a holdover from the past. Many schools are still teaching from outdated books without modern technologies.

At Larisa English, we pride ourselves with knowing that we provide all of the latest teaching and learning materials and methodologies. Along with learning materials purchased from well known publishers like Oxford, McMillan, Pearson Longman, Grammarway, Headway, English File and many more, we too, have created countless learning resources.

successMany of our learning resources are brand-able. The LSL Education Network was created years ago to provide an alternative learning bank for learners around the world. Many of our LSL products are given away completely free on all of our websites. For a fee, many of our LSL learning products can contain your school name along with links to your website.

Larisa School of Language owns, designs and manages
Our website is the largest free language learning website of it’s kind in Ukraine. Our Ukrainian registered LLC also owns and manages dozens of websites all centered around education and community. Larisa School of Language was founded in November, 2008. Content creation and Internet marketing started in early 2009.

Larisa School of Language provides a learning atmosphere unique to Ukrainians and language schools. We provide students with the latest learning resources including study materials, free on-line resources, Larisa Online English Club and much more.

Your Own school - your own money!Because of our unique time proven methods, Larisa School of Language LLC, is the leader in the Nikolaev community. Well known for the professional teaching staff, modern facilities, central location and classrooms outfitted with modern computers and more. Larisa School of Language founded in 2008 by Bill and Larisa Green is well respected for their professionalism and honesty.

If you are interested in learning more about creating and building a successful private language school in Ukraine, please complete the form below.

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