English Grammar Review

Do you remember your Prepositions? What about Modal Verbs? When was the last time you had to explain Present Perfect? Can you explain why we use Present Simple? Do you know why we use the Indefinite Article? Why do we say… An Xray? What is a Conjunction? Do you remember your Comparatives? How many different ways in Grammar can we use the word Like?

This Program is designed to assist native speakers of English with English grammar. Any age, any country, people from all over the world need to study and learn English grammar again if you intend to write professionally.

Call Billgreen54 at 1-559-682-3028 (USA) or 38097-856-2268 (Ukraine) to schedule your Free intro lesson by Skype.

English grammar can be tricky if you need to explain or write it in a professional manner. Everyone needs to be reminded of all the tenses and why we use them if you want to write intelligently. If you have ever given thought to writing professionally, then it’s time to Study English Grammar again. If you are considering article writing or considering creating a book of any kind, English Grammar Review is a great way to refresh your memory and help you create your writing projects now.

What are adverbs and how are some created? How many irregular verbs do we commonly use in everyday life? What’s the difference between Cardinal and Ordinal numbers? How do we use them and why? If you know the answers to all the questions above, congratulations. If you are one of those that need a refresher course, read on.

At Larisa School of Language, we teach great English everyday. Since opening our school in November 2008, we have continued to expand our On-line English lessons. Our teachers teach to students from many countries On-line. English by Skype is a great way to study and learn grammar from the comfort of your home or office.

Lessons can be as few as one, two or three hours. They can be taken all at once or one hour at a time. We offer a one half hour introductory lesson completely free. Just contact us with the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a suggested time for the Intro lesson. On-line study materials will also be sent to you after payment prior to your first lesson.

Grammar review covers over twenty different areas of grammar and more. Meet with one of our professional teachers and let us help you with your language learning needs.

Please remember the time difference when requesting a time for your intro lesson. We teach lessons from 8am to 9pm Nikolaev Ukraine time. We teach using Skype, but other services may be used as well. Payment can be made using PayPal, MoneyBookers, Western Union, MoneyGram and bank transfer.

Thank you for allowing us to help you with your language learning needs.

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