Why choose Larisa School of Language?

Many schools require students to pay up front for the complete course.

Larisa School of Language doesn’t force students to pay for a full language course before you begin attending lessons.

Lessons can be paid for on a monthly basis or as you attend each lesson. It’s entirely up to you how you pay.

Many private language schools don’t allow you to visit an English lesson in progress before you decide to attend their school.

At Larisa School of Language, you are always invited to attend any group lesson completely free before you decide to enroll in a group. You may participate, listen and learn in any group lesson from beginning to end at no charge.

All private language schools in Nikolaev only allow you to attend the language course you have enrolled in, except one school.

Larisa School of Language has the most unique program on the planet. Once you are enrolled at our school in any group lesson, you may attend other groups completely free. You read it right! Once you become our student, you may attend any other groups you wish without paying a single cent.


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