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1) If you came to the party, you__________it.
2) I wish I ____________to Spain last year.
3) If I were you, I ____________smoking.
4) He might have come though, _____________?
5) After he____________to his girlfriend, he telephoned his mother.
6) After the accident, he_________to the doctor but instead he continued to play football.
7) I __________my homework at the moment.
8) __________she play football?
9) ________________any apples?
10) The teacher said: "Simon, please__________the window".
11) He's been living in London __________ten years.
12) He went to the Post Office ________________some stamps.
13) He's the man ____________dog was run over last week.
14) John ________________sent the letter because we have not received it.
15) Supposing you_____________her again. What would you say?
16) He will be coming, _______________?
17) I'd rather you ______________now, because I have a lot of work.
18) My teacher___________English.
19) ______________aren't any books in the classroom.
20) Before ______________ the ring, he asked her to marry him.
21) I'm thinking of going to Spain this year _______________France.
22) You won't pass unless you _______________ harder.
23) Shakespeare is___________to understand than Agatha Christie.
24) A baker is a person who_________bread.
25) If you_________to Paris, you'll see the Eiffel Tower.
26) This room ______________last night.
27) "I am going to a film this evening." He said he___________________to a film that evening.
28) Would you mind if I ____________ the window?
29) You __________________ go to the doctor if you don't feel well.
30) She's going to Spain__________March.
31) I haven't got___________cigarettes.
32) What about _________________________ to the theatre tonight?
33) How ___________people are there in the classroom?
34) He_______________to go to the office at ten o'clock to see his boss.
35) He__________to America 5 years ago.
36) He's going to come here___________ten o'clock.
37) You _______________stop smoking or you will get ill.
38) She's the girl __________always comes late.
39) Whiskey is___________in Scotland.
40) John fell __________________ the window.
41) ______________ he is overweight, he can run quite fast.
42) There is a bottle of milk_____________from the fridge.
43) There is ______________butter in the fridge.
44) I like him because he always makes me___________.
45) "Don't write on this page." He told me ____________ write on the page.
46) You look tired. Why don't you try to get_________for a few days.
47) This pen isn't yours. It's____________.
48) If I ___________________ you, I would take up karate.
49) Martin is very ____________ by football.
50) The examination is_________Tuesday.
51) He came into the room while I _____________TV.
52) She's seeing him tomorrow,_____________?
53) Portuguese________________in Brazil.
54) I have not made my bed _____________.
55) I'm thirsty. I__________a drink.
56) __________ you like a cup of tea?
57) I tried to phone you but you____________not at home.
58) I _______________watch TV last night.
59) ____________you go to the cinema yesterday?
60) He____________go to the theatre tonight, but he hasn't decided.

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