What is Masterclass?

Main Focus for Larisa Business Masterclass 80/20 English.

The primary concept is to teach basic English as a refresher course in grammar within the first two or three, one hour lessons. The remaining lessons, focus on spoken English. Larisa Masterclass 80/20 English is a ten hour course (Total of ten hours).

Based on the requirements, accomplished comprehension and level of spoken English desired by the student, additional instructional time can be added. In some cases, an additional ten hours or more may be necessary for a student to achieve his or her desired level of proficiency.

Additional lessons can be scheduled in any increment or time based on the students expected level of achievement. All teachers are required to teach students in spoken English as much as possible.

The primary goal of Larisa Business Masterclass 80/20 English is to help students improve their speaking and communication abilities.

Flexible Larisa Business Masterclass 80/20 English.

Larisa Business Masterclass 80/20 English is the first flexible English course offered at Larisa School of Language. It can take as few as, ten one hour lessons to complete.

The main idea of Larisa English Masterclass is to offer a student the ability to study quickly as a review of the English Language. This program is not for everyone. It’s for students who understand that learning English is a serious commitment.

Learning any language takes time on the students part as well as a teachers commitment to excellence with a focus on the desired results of the student. Results will vary based on a students comprehension and dedication to study time.

What Course Materials are Used?

We start with the basics for all students. The Larisa Business Masterclass Packet consists of basic grammar which has been extracted from Larisa’s Orientation Packet.

This is the same packet we have used for all new students grammar review for a students first lesson or two. This packet has additional grammar materials that have been added to enhance the basics. In other words, the masterclass packet is the orientation packet with additional materials included.

All materials in the Business Masterclass Packet must be covered in full with each student. This grammar review includes electronic media as well as printed materials from well known publishers.

Teachers Methodology.

The teachers responsibility is to teach as much as possible in spoken English. Grammar and any other part of the English language can be taught in Ukrainian or Russian.

The basic idea here is to teach as much as possible in spoken English to encourage the student to speak English openly and freely. This methodology is often referred to as Blended Learning and The Flipped Classroom. This methodology has been used at Larisa School of Language for over 7 years.

All teachers must avoid speaking Ukrainian or Russian unless absolutely necessary for grammar and vocabulary explanation. Larisa Business Masterclass should be looked at more like a speaking course and grammar review. The main concentration is Spoken English.

Grammar and vocabulary focus is determined by each students requirements and profession. Students are encouraged to speak as much English as possible. This is called; Language Immersion.

Required Business English Masterclass Materials.

The Larisa Business Masterclass 80/20 English Packet is a required component for all Masterclass students. All materials in the packet must be reviewed with the student in a timely and professional manner.

Each component of the Masterclass Packet must be reviewed with the student until a satisfactory level of comprehension has been achieved. In addition to the basic Masterclass study materials, the assigned teacher is also required to complete the packet with study subjects based on the needs of the student.

These additional areas of class materials are determined by the students initial test results taken on-line or with a printed test. A careful evaluation of each students testing and individual requirements is mandatory prior the the start of the course.

Masterclass Electronic Study Materials Included.

All students are asked to provide an electronic storage device to their first lesson. This device can be an external hard drive, flash card or memory card.

All electronic media given to the student is based on a students request for specific study materials.

Every effort is made to tailor study materials to fit a students profession or test requirements. The study materials may include audio, video and printable content for home study.

Tailoring Course Materials for The Student.

Every student has different requirements. Larisa Business English Masterclass can be tailored to fit an individual students needs. Course materials are created by the teacher for test preparation of all sorts including IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, ESOL and others.

Specific professions business English is created for each student and can be modified as needed. This course does not require homework but, it’s suggested that students do everything possible to learn outside the classroom. This includes grammar exercises, videos, audio, listening and reading tasks.

Our website has many of these resources readily available for the needs of all students.

When are The Course Materials Compiled?

The basic Larisa Business Masterclass study materials are part of the initial packet. Additional materials must be compiled and added to the packet before the course begins.

Additional study materials can be created and added to the packet after the course begins as the need arises. Teachers can, at their own discretion, add additional study materials based on student needs for specific grammar, speaking, writing, listening, testing and profession requirements.

Primary Focus of Larisa Business Masterclass 80/20 English.

The primary focus of Larisa Business Masterclass 80/20 English is spoken English. This includes pronunciation, intonation and proper sentence construction.

The secondary focus is on English Grammar, Pronunciation and Listening Skills. Depending on the individual student, this program can be tailored by the teacher to comply with student requests.

This could include study materials based on English skill requirements for work, travel, immigration, education, job interviews, testing, CV preparation or a major focus on vocabulary.

Why create another learning program?

Larisa Masterclass 80/20 English was designed for a number of reasons. Many students don’t need a full English grammar course. Most courses take upwards of 50 to 100 one hour lessons. For many students with a basic knowledge of English, this may not be needed.

Many students don’t want or need to take a six month or longer course. Larisa Masterclass is designed for students with busy work schedules or with a limited ability to study in a group.

Testing is not required, But Wait!

While testing is not required at the end of the course, it is suggested that the student retake the same test that they originally took. Taking the same test, will give the student and teacher insight into the progress attained during the Masterclass course.

Additional testing can be administered to the student if both the teacher and student agree it’s needed. This test can be taken on-line at our website and there is no additional cost for this.

End of Course, Letter of Completion.

Upon the request of a Masterclass student, a letter of completion will be issued. While the letter of completion is not an official document, it provides proof of a students desire to improve their English proficiency.

Larisa School of Language is a well established and well known professional private language school in Nikolaev Ukraine. Years of providing quality teaching and professional teachers, Larisa School of Language is well known for honesty and the highest standards anywhere. Our teaching staff is well trained and always eager to comply with students needs.

Who Created Larisa Business Masterclass 80/20 English?

Larisa Business Masterclass 80/20 English was developed over eight years. Bill and Larisa Green (Founders of Larisa School of Language) created Larisa Business Masterclass 80/20 English while teaching over 10,000 English lessons in Nikolaev Ukraine.

Larisa Business Masterclass 80/20 English is a dedicated program that makes learning English simple in many ways. It is designed for business professionals and students at the Pre-Intermediate level and above, depending on the students speaking and comprehension level at the beginning of the course.

This special one of a kind program is all about students ability to speak great English.

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