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Доброго времени суток! Спасибо, что зашли на наш сайт. Перед прохождением теста введите, пожалуйста, Ваше имя и адрес электронной почты в форму ниже. На этот адрес Вам придет результат тестирования. Если через 10 минут после отправки теста результат не пришел – проверьте, пожалуйста, папку со спамом.


Welcome to your Advanced Test

1) The two men ____________________ for stealing the wallet.
2) Colin lost his job and was short of money, so ____________________ his flat and move in with his brother.
3) Some experience is ____________________ for the job.
4) If Danny ____________________ a more reliable car, he ____________________ to Germany rather than fly.
5) James felt the mosquito ____________________ him.
6) ____________________ me to get you some water?
7) 'Who ____________________ ?' '____________________ to get through to Ann.'
8) The council ____________________ postponed a decision on the new road, and many leading members of the opposition party ____________________ criticised the delay.
9) When Bond saw Vanya taking photographs of the plane, ____________________ that she was a spy.
10) Last night police said that they ____________________ the missing girl.
11) It's the third time she's been skating this week. She ____________________ really enjoy it.
12) The company ____________________ doing a lot of ____________________ in Asia.
13) Kate just turned away when I asked her. ____________________ she meant?
14) I'll give you a lift if it ____________________ .
15) The traffic lights ____________________ green and I pulled away.
16) 'I don't suppose there'll be any seats left.' 'No, I ____________________.'
17) Arnold ____________________ the wallet.
18) Amanda ____________________ a few minutes ago.
19) Kyiv is ____________________ .
20) We ____________________ each other later that day, but I had to phone and cancel.
21) Robert tried to ____________________ .
22) Do you know the date ____________________ we have to hand in the essay?
23) We ____________________ a party next Friday. Can you come?
24) During the war, the police ____________________ arrest you for criticising the government.
25) When I asked what was wrong, ____________________ .
26) I had a racing bike when I was young, and ____________________ .
27) ____________________ waiting to hear the results.
28) In the next few years, thousands of speed cameras ____________________ on major roads.
29) I ____________________ I can't see as well as I used to.
30) Only later ____________________ how much damage had been caused.
31) Kelly ____________________ she would be late for the meeting. She ____________________ she was feeling ill.
32) He was busy ____________________ his homework.
33) You don't object ____________________ late tonight, do you?
34) 'You look upset.' 'Yes, I've had ____________________.'
35) 'Wait a minute,' said Helena, ____________________ .
36) Our teacher gave us ____________________ problem to solve.
37) ____________________ football, I enjoy watching baseball and tennis.
38) What's the chance ____________________ three tails when you toss a coin three times.
39) The report is very critical and is clearly ____________________ .
40) The government has introduced ____________________ .
41) The children ____________________ to the zoo.
42) I always associate ____________________ .
43) ____________________ in my seventies and rather unfit, I might consider taking up squash.
44) The concert features, ____________________ others, Karl Frisk and the Johnsons. Their music is still very popular ____________________ teenagers.
45) ____________________ the furniture ____________________ arrived yet.
46) ____________________ people trying to get into the football stadium.
47) 'Has anybody offered to look after the children?' 'Jo ____________________ it.'
48) I ____________________ an interview because I'd worked there before.
49) Sarah asked my advice ____________________ subject she should study at university.
50) The valley ____________________ the village lies is heavily polluted.
51) 'I suppose you've heard the latest ____________________ .
52) We were delayed ____________________ an accident.
53) After Bob ____________________ hospital, he had a long holiday.
54) ____________________ that Harold was able to retire at the age of 50.
55) She's one of the kindnest people ____________________ .
56) Police ____________________ that Gloria is in Ukraine, although her exact whereabouts ____________________ unknown.

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