Intermediate Test

Доброго времени суток! Спасибо, что зашли на наш сайт. Перед прохождением теста введите, пожалуйста, Ваше имя и адрес электронной почты в форму ниже. На этот адрес Вам придет результат тестирования. Если через 10 минут после отправки теста результат не пришел – проверьте, пожалуйста, папку со спамом.


Welcome to your Intermediate Test

1) How ____________________ now? Better than before?
2) 'What would you like to eat?' 'I don't mind. ____________________ - whatever you have.'
3) The police officer stopped us and asked us where ____________________ .
4) You're out of breath. ____________________ ?
5) Yesterday we watched television all evening ____________________ we didn't have anything better to do.
6) Laura is on holiday. She ____________________ to USA.
7) The view was wonderful. If ____________________ a camera with me, I would have taken some photographs.
8) ____________________ don't visit this part of the city.
9) I'm not tired enough to go to bed. If I ____________________ to bed now, I wouldn't sleep.
10) 'Where are you going?' 'I'm going to buy ____________________ .'
11) You should insure your bike ____________________ stolen.
12) Stephen ____________________ to phone me last night, but he didn't.
13) It's not my favourite job, but I like ____________________ the kitchen as often as possible.
14) We went shopping and spent ____________________ money.
15) You can't stop me ____________________ what I want.
16) 'I've lost my wallet.' 'You ____________________ it somewhere.'
17) 'What time ____________________ ?' 'At 5.15.'
18) 'Do you think it will rain?' '____________________'
19) A new library is going to ____________________ next year.
20) Marion lives in Moscow now. She does not like ____________________ there.
21) Camille is ____________________ . She works at a large hospital.
22) We can't ____________________ making a decision. We have to decide now.
23) Dustin couldn't meet us, ____________________ was a pity.
24) It wasn't your foult. It was ____________________ .
25) There's somebody walking behind us. I think ____________________ .
26) Jessica ____________________ away two or three times a year.
27) I saw Sue ____________________ a concert on Sunday.
28) Why did you stay at a hotel when you were in Warsaw? You ____________________ with Theodore.
29) They travelled ____________________ 5.30 train, which arrived at 10.15.
30) I must go now. I promised ____________________ late.
31) I'm going away ____________________ the end of May.
32) The story ____________________ be true, but I don't think it is.
33) Felix ____________________ and left.
34) Brandon has lost his passport again. It's the second time this ____________________ .
35) We haven't got ____________________ on holiday at the moment.
36) ____________________ a bit longer, but I really have to go now.
37) I don't understand this sentence. What ____________________ ?
38) What's the name of the girl ____________________ ?
39) 'Have you finished painting the kitchen?' 'Nearly. I'll ____________________ tomorrow.'
40) Wilhelm's Ukrainian is excellent. He speaks ____________________ .
41) Nobody believed Vanessa at first, but she ____________________ to be right.
42) Hello, Ashley. I didn't expect to see you today. Ted said you ____________________ in hospital.
43) ____________________ tomorrow, so we can go out somewhere.
44) The more electricity you use, ____________________.
45) We ____________________ by a loud noise during the night.
46) I coulsn't sleep ____________________ very tired.
47) At first I didn't like my job, but ____________________ to enjoy it now.
48) David has been working in this company ____________________ .
49) I'm tired. ____________________ to bed now. Goodnight.
50) Where are you going to put all your ____________________ ?
51) Angela showed me some pictures ____________________ by her daughter.
52) If I were rich, ____________________ a big house.
53) ____________________ enjoyed the party. It was great.
54) Don't worry ____________________ late tonight.
55) I'll be in Paris next week. I hope to see Rebecca ____________________ there.
56) Paul left the room suddenly. He said he ____________________ to go.
57) Goodbye! I'll see you ____________________ .
58) I wish I ____________________ have to work on Saturday, but unfortunnately I do.
59) 'Do you know where ____________________ ?' 'No, she didn't say.'
60) These shoes are uncomfortable. I'm going to ____________________ .
61) The film was really boring. It was ____________________ I've ever seen.
62) I didn't believe Terry at first, but in fact everything ____________________ was true.
63) 'Edwin is in hospital.' 'Yes, I know, ____________________ him this evening.'

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