Upper Intermediate Test

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Welcome to your Upper Intermediate Test



1) I've been learning how to play the violin but I'm still not very good.
2) Megan fell off her bike, hurt her leg.
Embrrass by his mistake, Neil said nothing.
The athlete was exhaust after the race.
We spent the weekend relax at home.
The comedian told an amus story.
It was a depress: cold and grey.
3) I haven't understood a word he's said.
4) I'm not surprised she's passed easily. _________________, she studied very hard.
5) I work in Singapore but the company's head ____________ is in Shanghai.
6) I thought that was Sue over there. _________________, it was Ann.
7) Make past conditional sentences with full forms (i.e., would not, would have, have had, I had not etc.).

  (buy) those shoes if I (have) the money.
8) David and Anna went home separately. _________________, they've had a row.
9) Make past conditional sentences with full forms (i.e., would not, would have, have had, I had not etc.).

If you (ask) me to keep it secret,  (not say) a word.
10) Steve's 14 years old. _________________, he's too young to drive on the roads.
11) Vicky's not very popular. ________________, I quite like her.
12) He had said it was his last Championship. _______________, he's back again this year.
13) My daughter's eyes are red, because she has cried.
14) I don't want to go into the water. ___________ I can't swim.
15) I`ll finish work this week because ____________ a baby in June.
16) I'm late for school. ___________________, no one will notice.
17) They ____________ married by the end of the year.
18) The athletes have run twenty kilometers by now.
19) What ________________ for dinner tonight, Mum?
20) At this time tomorrow, we _____________ in the Pacific.
21) Here's your ticket. The train ______________ platform 9 at 8.42.
22) We get more junk __________  through our letter box than letters.
23) He'll still _______________ in bed at two this afternoon.
24) Where _______________ at the moment?
25) My toe hurts so much I think I've been breaking it.
26) So, where ______________ Chris? London itself?
27) I _____________ you with the dishes if you like.
28) The shop _____________ you your money back if you explain.
29) Have you been waiting here for a long time?
30) Thomas lost his job. ________________, he'd been rude to the boss.
31) Make question in the correct order:

want   what  to   ?   do   talk   about   you
32) Make question in the correct order:

flower   is   kind   what   you   that   do   know   of   ?

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